Monday, 20 May 2013

Golden Astronaut

by Multiple Toymakers

The US version of the Triang Spacex 1 series is called 'GOLDEN ASTRONAUT' made by Multiple Toys with 3 sets or phases, each one having 4 craft:


  1. Interplanetary Patrol
  2. Moon Exploration
  3. Space probe

These correspond to the UK sets respectively with the same craft:


  1. Outer Space Travel
  2. Moon Base
  3. Space Station

Unsure if there is a set corresponding to the UK set 'Earth Base'

At todays prices, $79+ for each set of four(courtesy of Toy Shop Newspaper). Check out ebay too

GA-montgomerywardsad.jpg (106332 bytes)

GA-Mycollection.jpg (164031 bytes)

Top-US Montgomery Ward Advertisement courtesy of John Eaton USA/Paul Vreede Belgium/MarK Maclellen USA.

Bottom and below- Loose and carded US Golden Astronaut and Space Adventure (top right of piccy) craft above and below courtesy of Mark Maclellen USA

GA-mycollection-closeup.jpg (142242 bytes)

astronaut.jpg (45697 bytes)

Top- Launch Site set-courtesy of ebay

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